Promotional videos for construction projects

Buildevolution helps you to promote and increase the visibility of your (construction) project by combining time-lapse, drone and ground footage to create breathtaking promoting videos!

Use video to promote your project

Increase your visibility in media

A global view of your project

Promote your brand in an original way

Communicate with your audience

We create a 24/7 timelapse thanks to our HD cameras  that are directly connected to a mobile network. High resolution pictures of your project are taken at a regular time interval are securely stored on our web platform. Simple and ergonomic, our solution offers the possibility to follow live the evolution of your construction site as well as the possibility to download, share or review the pictures and videos we captured for you.

Secondly, we help you increase your media presence by imagining and creating great video of your construction site, starting with your project time-lapse video. We also add ground footage and drone capture to the time-lapse video in order to magnify your project and immerse the spectator into your construction site. At the end of your project, we stitch and edit your video with the best footage and pictures in a percussive promotional time-lapse , ideal to communicate about your project on social media.

Great collaboration

Get a timelapse for your construction site

We only need three things from you

Project address

Project planning

230V Power Supply