4K video for site monitoring

What is it?

Timelapse is a video technique in which continuous images are taken of a lengthy process. These images are merged into a video on which the evolution of this process can be seen accelerated.

This technique allows to display very slow activities of days, months and even years in a short spectacular video of a few minutes.

The Buildevolution expertise

Buildevolution specialises in realising high-quality timelapse videos where the images can be consulted at any time on a web platform.

To guarantee high quality, our time-lapse videos are made with professional cameras equipped with a wide-angle lens.

The images are taken at regular intervals (e.g. every 5 minutes) and then sent to our web platform, which can be consulted 24/7. At the end of the project, we realise a timelapse video combining all these images.

Timelapse is an original way of presenting your project with undeniable added value.

It is also possible to combine timelapse with drone footage and virtual reality for a stunning result!

Timelapse by Buildevolution means

High-resolution photos

Photos accessible at any time via our web platform

Installation of the camera in your construction site by us

Assistance and support throughout the project

100% autonome service


We mainly focus on the follow-up of construction sites lasting from a few days to several years. We also offer a wide range of services:

*This is a non-exhaustive list, send us your idea and we will commit to making it happen!”

On-site installation