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Access your project 24 hours a day from any device!

Your construction project in pictures

Through Buildevolution’s platform, you can track the progress of all your construction projects 24/7. Thanks to our real-time connected high-definition cameras, you can easily track the progress of your construction projects.

Ideal for property developers, architects, design firms and construction site managers, the application is designed to meet your construction site tracking needs.

You can also easily add users to the project, whether they are subcontractors, your client or your project team!

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Track each project separately

The Buildevolution platform is organised by project and allows you to view them in real time. Zoom in on each photo and track progress remotely.

You can also send photos by e-mail or share them on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Linked In.

Bookmark your favourite photos and download the ones you want to use in a presentation or for retouching.

An ideal solution for architects, property developers, project managers or construction site managers.

A diary of works in pictures

Create bookmarks for each project so you can use the photos daily, like a diary of works.

Add the weather of the day and add one or more comments to the selected photo. You can also select the visibility of the bookmark and get an overview of the bookmarks already selected and those marked by your colleagues on site.

Accessible from any device