Post-production & video editing

Not just a timelapse video but a promotional video

Our editing team collects all the footage shot during a project and then selects the best from it to create a top-quality promotional video.

In consultation with the client, we determine what ‘story’ we want to tell. Depending on this, we may or may not combine the drone or camera footage with the timelapse footage and set appropriate music to this. The video is then fully synchronised with this music, creating a powerful end result.

At one or more points during the project, we can provide an interim montage* that allows you to communicate regularly about your project (internally or externally) and that also gives you an idea of what the end result will look like at the end of the site.

In coordination with our assembly teams and your needs, we focus on the key moments in the construction of your building and give meaning to your project.

Buildevolution’s creations are unique in the field of site monitoring. Complete, original and effective, our offer can be used for many marketing purposes and will be an undeniable asset for your brand!

In particular, you can use it as a lever for your visibility and reputation on the web by broadcasting the film on your networks, as a promotional tool for your brand/company or as a means of communicating with your various contacts. Buidevolution promotional videos will get people talking about you and talking for you.